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Allure™ Sweet & Seductive Perfume

Allure™ Sweet & Seductive Perfume

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Be sexy & irresistible all the time!

Our Allure™ Sweet & Seductive Perfume is an aphrodisiac aroma that will
elevate all your sexual desire and boost your romantic inner-self!

The breathtaking scent attracts lovers so pleasingly, for both sexes and can be worn as your go-to perfume any time of the day with the portable & discreet size.

With the roll-on applicator, gently roll it on your neck, wrists or other body parts, and the fragrance will diffuse instantly for easy application while minimizing waste.

Scientifically formulated with the most powerful pheromone infusion, these all-natural, premium essential oils affect moods and improve intimate connections to your partners.

Enjoy temptations 
and take pleasure with our eccentric, gender-loving fragrance and get the sexiest experience you've longed for!

Weight: 10ml

1 x  
Sexy Woman - Allure™ Sweet & Seductive Perfume
1 x  Sexy Man - Allure™ Sweet & Seductive Perfume
Couple Set - 1 x  Sexy Woman 1 x  Sexy Man