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AlphaStrong™ Prostate Care Cream

AlphaStrong™ Prostate Care Cream

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No more suffering from the pain of urination!

Our AlphaStrong™ Prostate Care Cream for men offers safe & gentle relief from frequent urination, adiposity and other prostate problems that come with age, while boosting immune and urinary health. 

Solving urinary leaks
and accidents, this cream supports the strengthening of prostate muscles to help you continue experiencing normal urine flow and lead a quality life, reducing nighttime bathroom trips

This prostate enhance cream for men helps provide powerful bladder relief, making it easier for you to empty your bladder thoroughly. Improve both prostate and kidney health.

This natural progesterone cream is specially formulated with a blend of micronized active progesterone and herbal extracts for better bio-availability, with a high rate of absorption. 

With advanced age, excess estrogen levels may lead to prostate problems, baldness and other health issues. This cream loaded with antioxidants helps prevent estrogen dominance for an energetic, healthy & balanced body.


  • Weight: 20g
  • Note:  Apply one drop in the morning and one at night in the scrotal area.


  • 1pc x AlphaStrong™ Prostate Care Cream


  • 2pcs x AlphaStrong™ Prostate Care Cream