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Anti Peep Snap-On Lace Cami
Anti Peep Snap-On Lace Cami
Anti Peep Snap-On Lace Cami
Anti Peep Snap-On Lace Cami

Anti Peep Snap-On Lace Cami

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Now you can wear your favorite low cut blouse to work!

Our Anti Peep Snap-On Lace Cami instantly converts most bras into a camisole, a functional and decorative accessory that provides you the freedom to expose or conceal cleavage on a moment's notice.

With a snap-fastener, simply clip it to the bra strap to create a look of a lace vest without being bulky, slide it up and down to control the required coverage, and use it to adjust the neckline of low-cut tops and dresses.
Made of soft breathing material designed with elegant floral lace, it keeps you cool and fresh all day!
Avoid embarrassment, it provides a quick, easy and comfy way for chest coverage whenever you need it.
With greater flexibility and comfort, style it from the sexy low cut to a layered office look in seconds for more versatile dress codes.

  1. Put on any of your bras as you normally would.
  2. Wrap around Snap-On Lace Cami around your bra strap.
  3. Then snap closed according to bra strap width.
  4. Repeat on the opposite bra strap.
  5. Slide Snap-On Lace Cami up or down your bra straps to adjust the amount of coverage and to achieve a desired look.
  • Color: Black, White
  • 2pcs x Anti Peep Snap-On Lace Cami