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Anti RFID Wallet
Anti RFID Wallet
Anti RFID Wallet
Anti RFID Wallet
Anti RFID Wallet
Anti RFID Wallet
Anti RFID Wallet

Anti RFID Wallet

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Tired of carrying a large, bulky wallet around?

Our Anti RFID Wallet is in ultra light and thin form which protects your cards from physical damage as well as RFID hacking

The RFID blocking aluminum card holder protects your identity and private information from thieves' scanning devices and electronic pickpockets. 


Holding your ID, credit cards and cash with this compact wallet, the handy pop-up mechanism shows all the cards on top of each other, so you can immediately identify and retrieve the card you need.  

Another clever Stop-Drop design prevents your cards from accidentally falling outbreaking, bending and more.


  • Small and Compact Billfold Wallet : 
    Ultimate light and thin
     that fits into your pocket easily 
  • RFID Protection :
    Blocks all unauthorized scans and electronic pickpockets to insure your private property safety

  • Slide-Control Design :
    Instantly get the card you want by popping up of all at once
  • Stop-Drop Function :
    Aluminium card holder to prevents your card from falling out 
  • Waterproof and Scratch-proof :
    Made with premium leather with durability 
  • Large Storage Capacity :
    Holds up to 4-6 cards with a note compartment 


  • Size: 7 x 11 x 3 cm
  • Color:Black/ Brown


  • 1pc x Anti RFID Wallet