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Bounzy™ Curl Boost Repair Cream

Bounzy™ Curl Boost Repair Cream

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Easily Get The Perfect Curls in The Perfect Condition!

Our Bounzy™ Curl Boost Repair Cream is here to help you to instantly get bouncy, nourished and defined curls while volumizing them, without making them dry and frizzy!

Rich in natural moisturizers to deeply moisturize and repair your damaged hair, provides frizz control and curl definition at once.

Specially formulated with organic extracts to provide extra nutrition for stimulating hair growth with alcohol- & toxin-free treatment.

Just apply it on your curly hair and styling with an adequate amount without rewashing, and you can see your desired looks in just 5 secs!

Refreshing and lightweight
texture, the quick drying formula creates high definition curls with natural gloss of hair, no residues left. Perfect for all hair types!


  • Weight: 50g


  • 1pc x Bounzy™ Curl Boost Repair Cream