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ButtLift™ Hip Essential Oil Set

ButtLift™ Hip Essential Oil Set

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No more hormone pills & surgery for a bigger bum!!

Our ButtLift™ Hip Essential Oil harnesses natural power to enlarge and lift your buttocks, giving you a healthy, plump & complete booty with a strong skin barrier.

Formulated with a blend of valuable oriental herbal extracts, the oil is 100% safe and hormone free.

It is effective in combating flat, loose and bumpy dry skin, as a result it helps to restore fullness of your hip, as well as enhancing the metabolism and waste removal from your body. 

Rich in anti-oxidants, the oil also works to dilute the melanin, accelerate fat synthesis and improve the sagging and flat buttocks.
Deeply moisturizing and nourishing skin to make it smooth and tender by improving skin elasticity, it transforms your butt into a perky, full, round and youthful one.


  1. Twice a day, take 5 drops of essential oil.
  2. Directly apply on butt. 
  3. Massage for about 10 minutes. 
  4. Let it stay until completely absorbed.


  • Weight: 30ml