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DIY Macaron Baking Kit
DIY Macaron Baking Kit
DIY Macaron Baking Kit
DIY Macaron Baking Kit
DIY Macaron Baking Kit
DIY Macaron Baking Kit

DIY Macaron Baking Kit

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Who doesn't love these cute French treats?
Our DIY Macaron Baking Kit comes with a non-stick silicone mat, decorating piping pot with 2 nozzles, for you to make mouth-watering and aesthetically pleasing macarons with the ease at home. 
Make up to 30 standard size of macarons at once, the circle indents on the mat help prevents overlapping of macarons and is temperature safe up to 450°F in the oven.

Specially designed for easy filling and even dispensing of batter, the piping pot with wide opening is also ideal for piping borders and designs on other desserts.
  • DIY Macarons Like A Pro:
    This all-in-one macaron baking kit will bring you into the macaron baking world, free you from wasteful tin fool or parchment paper, enjoy the family baking and cooking efforts.

  • Flawless Baking:
    Bake like a professional at home, make 30 standard size of macarons at once. The circle indents help prevents overlapping with getting the shape of macarons right and keeping all macarons even and looking neat.
  • Non-Stick Surface:
    Smooth, flexible and non-stick surface, it’s easy to demold the little macarons without damage.

  • Even Batter Dispensing:
    Specially designed with wide opening, the piping pot ensures easy filling and even dispensing of batter, even for making decorations on other desserts.

  • Premium Quality: 
    Durably made of food-grade silicone and temperature resistant silicone, temperatures varying from -40°F~450°F, can be reused for very a long time. Suitable for oven, microwave and freezer.
  • Easy To Clean: 
    Can be washed and cleaned easily, dishwasher safe.
  • Material: Food-grade Silicone
  • Size: As Shown


  • 1 x DIY Macaron Baking Kit