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Doggie LED Jumping Ball
Doggie LED Jumping Ball
Doggie LED Jumping Ball
Doggie LED Jumping Ball
Doggie LED Jumping Ball
Doggie LED Jumping Ball

Doggie LED Jumping Ball

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Entertain your pets for hours!

Introducing our Doggie LED Jumping Ball a fun & exciting bouncing ball that your dog will surely love and keep them entertained for hours! An absolute fun and interactive novelty toy that will make your dog go crazy and happy which promotes your pet to exercise and build a healthy body. 

Once activated, the ball jumps in random movement while producing intense flashing LED lights and good music making your dog go into the groove along with the toy, stimulating your dog's senses and holding their attention for hours on end. Also prevents unwanted destructive behaviour due to boredom or anxiety when you're away.

Made with high quality plastic that is durable and not easy to worn out that is ideal for wild and drastic movements with your dogs. It is soft and comfortable in hands, with the humanized design and environmentally friendly plastic, which is suitable for chewing and bite-resistant.


  • IMPROVE YOUR DOG'S HEALTH: These little jumpy balls can help clean the teeth of your dogs to promote healthy teeth and gums. More running and jumping can help your dog's physical health.

  • PROMOTES STIMULATION : Can help stimulate your dog's senses and mind focus for long hours.

  • CRAZY MUSIC & LIGHTING: When the ball is activated it will play upbeat, catchy music and flash bright, colourful colours to keep your dogs attention.

  • MAGIC BALL JUMPING MADNESS: Just tap the button and watch the ball go away on its own little tangent and your dog will chase it. Perfect for letting your pet get rid of all that energy!

  • ENTERTAINMENT FOR ALL - This toy can bring laughter and joy not only with your dogs but as well as with each furry parents and any one in the family. 

  • 100% SAFE AND DURABLE: All our dog toys are handmade with natural materials, not only healthy, non-toxic, but also tough, durable and provide a long-lasting enjoying experience for your pet.

  • EASY TO INSTALL BATTERY - The ball can be divided into two halves, there are several buckles in the ball of the waist, open gently with the hand, can be seen inside a plastic box. Open the box lid and you can put the battery in. Note: Requires 4 AA Batteries (not included)


Material: plastic

Size: 13*13*13cm

Battery: 4 x AA batteries (not included)


1x Doggie LED Jumping Ball