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Dura+ Male Endurance Gel

Dura+ Male Endurance Gel

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Last longer, enjoy more!

Our Dura+ Male Endurance Gel is specially formulated to help manage male ejaculation successfully and fully by enhancing men's vitality and controlling penile sensitivity

Clinically proven to improve size and power, it is 100% safe to the human body with highly concentrated ingredients, the optimized formula with herbal extracts works to enhance men's performance without any side effects.

Simply apply our product 10 minutes before intercourse, and enjoy as your sexual endurance is maximized. It provides extra comfort during intercourse with excellent lubrication and prolonged enjoyment

This amazing gel helps improve blood circulation and male ejaculationwhile solving flaccidness, premature finishing, impotence and other related dysfunctional issues! 
Experience a healthier, happier and stronger life with more intimate relationships!

Weight: 60g

1pc x Dura+ Male Endurance Gel