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DuraMen™ Kegel Exerciser

DuraMen™ Kegel Exerciser

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Be a real superman!

Work out with our DuraMen™ Kegel Exerciser every day to  solve flaccidness, premature ejaculation, impotence, etc. by strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.

By using your all-important hip muscles, it gives you a greater pelvic floor control and helps you enhance men's vitality and increase the size of the lower shaft. Experience the visible result within 2-4 weeks!

Kegel training is not only for female, it is clinically proven to improve men's size and power, the best non-surgical solution to problems stemming from weak pelvic floor muscles and dysfunctional issues.

This amazing tool helps improve blood circulation and male ejaculation, bringing a positive effect on the quality of sexual life and intimate relationship!

ergonomic design, the exerciser matches the pelvic floor muscles comfortably. The elastic strength suits for various workout intensities.

1. Open your tiptoes at 40°, and stand with heels closed.
2. Place and adjust the Kegel Exerciser between your upper thighs, the narrow end faces forward.
3. Squeeze the Kegel Exerciser with your upper thigh and buttock muscles.
4. Clamp and clench your muscles as tightly as you for 5s, then relax. This action cycles 8 times.
5. Suggested to do the training for 2-3 groups (8 times count as 1 group) every day, then you can have better performance in 2-4 weeks!

Material: PVC
Size: 25cm x 15cm x 15cm

Color: Sky Blue, Light Green

1pc x DuraMen™ Kegel Exerciser