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Easy Dumpling Mold
Easy Dumpling Mold
Easy Dumpling Mold
Easy Dumpling Mold
Easy Dumpling Mold

Easy Dumpling Mold

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Love dumplings, but hate the process of wrapping? 

Introducing our Dumpling Mold an easy D-I-Y tool that can make more dough at once instead of spending hours in the kitchen! Achieve and get very very tasty home meat dumplings spending a minimum of effort.

You can make a large batch at one time for great family fun when everyone can get involved and make perfect dumplings. This tool is very popular and saves the dumpling makers a lot of time and should be a must-have item in all kitchens.

Made of high quality, eco-friendly, easy to clean plastic - dishwasher safe. The slim design takes up little space making it easy to store and can be bought anywhere you prefer to make snacks! 


  • EXTREMELY CONVENIENT - Stop wasting your time! With this dumpling mold, you can make dumplings that meet the needs of the whole family at one time, while keeping clean and tidy.

  • MULTIPLE USE - This mold is not only designed for dumplings, but also for creating a variety of delicious homemade appetizers, meals and deserts.

  • EASY TO USE- No complicated operation, just fill the kneaded dough into the mold, even children can make perfect dumplings.

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - Made of food-grade safe and non-toxic materials, durable, non-stick and easy to clean.


Material: food-grade ABS/food Aluminum.

Features: brand new and high-quality.

Size: 24*24*2.2cm/ 24.6*24.6*4cm.

Hole size: 4.7*4.7cm/3.5*3.5cm.


1 x Easy Dumpling Mold