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EZ hair Clip
EZ hair Clip
EZ hair Clip
EZ hair Clip
EZ hair Clip
EZ hair Clip
EZ hair Clip

EZ hair Clip

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Make your desired hairstyle in just a matter of seconds!

With our EZ hair Clip you can put your hair up & create many comfortable, flattering hairstyles minutes. A perfect hair accessory that you can wear all day without headaches, slips or curls.

A fabulous barrette, pin and elastic replacement because it stretches wide around all your hair without breaking any of it. Creates a breathable space between your hair and scalp, leaving it plenty of room to breathe and move freely as you go about your day. 

Fitted with a strong, stretchy elastic to securely and comfortably hold your hair in place. This  elastic clip fits to every size of hair and keeps you comfortable and energetic the whole day!


  • INSTANT HAIR TIE UP - Put your hair up in seconds & wear all day without headaches, sliding, damage.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & FLEXIBLE DESIGN - design to hold shape in heavy hair and the extra flexibility allows teeth to move safely under cornrows and braids without loosening them, as well as extra textured natural hair with kinky, coily roots.

  • COMFORTABLE  - Get comfort without harm. Wear all day without headaches, slips or curls. Can be worn with wet or dry hair. 

  • PROTECTS HAIR - Prevent damage with no snagging or tangling. Gentle on delicate hair with trendy & unique designs that compliment your outfits.

  • TIME SAVER - A real-time saver creating many comfortable, flattering hairstyles in minutes.

  • STYLISH  – Make a high or low ponytail with no hair puffiness; fashionable accessory or professional style.

  • FASHIONABLE - With its sleek design, this chic banana comb adds edgy energy to your style.

  • VERSATILE - ideal for medium-length medium to long hair; wide jaws for curling pins. Will comfortably hold kinks, curls, locs, and braids all day!

  • WIDE USAGE - A simple, casual hair tool for active lifestyle yoga in the shower room; Hairdressing for work school office or cocktail parties for special occasions; use for makeup application.


Size: 8cm x 7cm

Colors: Blue, Black, Pink, Yellow


1 x EZ hair Clip