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FastHeal™ Hydrocolloid Gel Bandage

FastHeal™ Hydrocolloid Gel Bandage

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Protect your wounds with the best healing!

Covering up a wound with our FastHeal™ Hydrocolloid Gel Bandage, which is clinically proven to provide an optimal, moist wound environment for promoting new cell growth and faster wound healing process.
In a moist environment, scabs are prevented which inhibit the formation of new tissue, thus it helps prevent scarring.

Besides supporting the natural wound healing process, the skin's nerves are bathed in the wound fluid which helps reduce wound pain
Soft and hypoallergenic, the semi-permeable PU film acts as a waterproof barrier, creating a high absorbent yet breathable surface.
Manufactured in a sterile way and individually wrapped. Freely trim to fit the wounds, effective for post-operative wounds, bed sores, cysts, pressure ulcers, burns, and other minor traumas. 


  • Size: 10 x 10 cm
  • 1pc x FastHeal™ Hydrocolloid Gel Bandage