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Foldable Leather Belt Pouch

Foldable Leather Belt Pouch

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The perfect companion to carry with you at outdoors!

This Foldable Leather Belt Pouch is foldable to gives a minimal carry when on the belt but a larger container when opened up to carry whatever you may see whilst walking in the countryside - bottle of water ,mushrooms, shells, treats for your pets, beach foraging, etc!

Take it with you to the gun range to collect your spent brass, gather fire starting materials- kindling, paper, fat pine, dry leaves, or twigs.

Goes on your belt with two sturdy metal clasps so it is easy to put on and off.

The pouch is stylist and made of waxed canvas and high quality leather straps which holds up great to the elements.

Brown, Green, Black, Beige

Package Includes
1pc x Foldable Leather Belt Pouch