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FrenchTip™ Nail Art Stamp Kit
FrenchTip™ Nail Art Stamp Kit
FrenchTip™ Nail Art Stamp Kit
FrenchTip™ Nail Art Stamp Kit
FrenchTip™ Nail Art Stamp Kit
FrenchTip™ Nail Art Stamp Kit
FrenchTip™ Nail Art Stamp Kit

FrenchTip™ Nail Art Stamp Kit

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Who doesn't love perfect French nails?

When going free-handed, a French manicure can be a nightmare! Our FrenchTip™ Nail Art Stamp Kit makes a well-definedclassy French manicure just a piece of cake!

The clear silicone stamper allows you to take any design from a transfer plate and stamp the art directly on your nails. A fool-proof, quick and effortless way to get your favorite French tip or any other designs to your nails. 
Mix and match with various polishes for a unique twist on the classic French style, creating a beautiful one-of-a-kind manicure by yourself!
  • Classy French Nails:
    Easily creates flawless, salon quality French nails easily at home with sharp & defined edges.

  • Beginner-Friendly:
    No more free-handing, even starters or an amateur can master classy French nails at home well. No mess, no stress! 

  • Easy To Use:
    Simply paint, transfer & stick! You're good to go with a perfect manicure!

  • Clear Jelly Stamper:
    Extremely soft and clear silicone with tacky and sticky finish to pick up even the smallest details and reach the edge of most curved nails with no effort.
  • Smooth Pick Up:
    No hard rolling or pressing, after scraping off excess nail polish using the included drawing plate, gently stamping over the image to see magic happens! 

  • Various Nail Styles:
    With the metal plate, you can create a variety of French nail styles, such as square shape, U-shaped, C-smile shape etc. , or any other designs to fit nearly any nail.
  • Unlock Your Creative Juices:
    Mix and match with your favorite stamping polishes for a unique twist on the classic French style.
  • Easy Clean Up:
    Simply use clean scotch tape or lint roller to remove nail polish or dirt. Do not clean with acetone, nail polish remover and cotton. 


  1. Remove the protection film (first time use) .
  2. Apply stamping nail polish on French tip or any desired design to the plate.
  3. Remove excess nail polish at a 45º angle.
  4. Press the silicone nail stamp into the plate firmly, in a rolling motion. 
  5. Stamp the design on your nail, in a rolling motion. 
  6.  You're good to go!! Apply top coat for a longer lasting result. 


  • Material: Silicone
  • Stamp Diameter: 2.8cm
  • Weight: 26g


  • 1pc x  FrenchTip™ Nail Art Stamp
  • 1pc x  FrenchTip™ Nail Art Transfer Plate