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GlamGirl™ Unicorn Nail Polish Gel

GlamGirl™ Unicorn Nail Polish Gel

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Light up your nails with mystical aurora!

Our GlamGirl™ Unicorn Nail Polish Gel brings iridescent and pearlescent beams of color to your fingertips with holographic effect. 

Choose from 9 unicorn looks, the dreamy soft sheen rainbow color is in blinding sparkle with 3D pigment. Simply apply a single shade, or 2 or more shades for a gradient, full unicorn magic.

Made with 100% non-toxic and safe ingredients, it is guaranteed not to cause any damage to nail bed/cuticles, and is also quick-dry under the UV light. 

Formulated with a long-wear system, the high-shine unicorn polish gel brings a gleam and sparkle to your nails for up to 1 month!

This high performance nail gel ensures smooth, flawless application for you to achieve that eye-catching, salon quality nails right at home effortlessly.

1. Prep and push back cuticles.
2. Apply base coat and cure under UV lamp for 10 seconds.
3. Apply unicorn gel in a thin layer. Cure under UV lamp for 2 minutes.
4. Apply a second coat, then cure under UV lamp for 2 minutes.
5. Apply top coat and cure under UV lamp for 2 minutes.
6. Enjoy your cool unicorn manicure! 
Weight: 15g
Color: 01 Starry Night, 02 Milky Way, 03 Pinky Princess, 04 Royal Crown, 05 Galaxy Dream, 06 Mystery Mint, 07 Violet Sky, 08 Solar Unicorn, 09 Eden Garden