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Herbal Detox Face & Body Mask
Herbal Detox Face & Body Mask
Herbal Detox Face & Body Mask
Herbal Detox Face & Body Mask
Herbal Detox Face & Body Mask
Herbal Detox Face & Body Mask
Herbal Detox Face & Body Mask
Herbal Detox Face & Body Mask

Herbal Detox Face & Body Mask

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Rejuvenate your skin with 100% pure herbs!!
Our Herbal Detox Face & Body Mask is an all-purpose healing mask that helps draw out dirt and impurities, purifying toxins and toning the skin to leave a clear and radiant look. Perfect in combating acne and pimples on face, back and other body parts, this powerful mask is fast-acting yet gentle in refining pores and detoxing
Formulated with Oriental herbal extracts that are naturally antioxidant-rich, simply apply the mask and rinse it off after dried, with gentle exfoliation to remove blackheads and minimize pores. It also deeply moisturizes, eliminates dark melanin, whitens pigmentation, and instantly reduces puffiness, sagging, expression lines, and other visible signs of aging
The particles penetrate the dermis rejuvenating collagen deep into the skin and activates cell renewal, the mask speeds up metabolism and collagen reformation, and intensely revitalizes and regenerates the skin cells, resulting in ultimate antioxidant, whitening and anti-wrinkle effect.
  • Detoxifies Blemished Skin:
    An all-purpose healing clay mask that targets on skin, back, thigh and other body parts to treat existing acne, pimples, blackheads under the skin, gets rid of excess oil production and clogged pores, achieving pore refining, pH balance and acne-free skin. 
  • Natural Skin Revitalizing:
    With the theory of Ancient Oriental Therapy, this mask infused with pure herbs help remove harmful body toxins to help prevent acne breakouts, enzyme, allergies and other skin problems, let your skin restores natural radiance without medication or invasive therapy.

  • Balances Skin Renewal Cycle:
    Being drawing it removes impurities and boosts the lymphatic system to reduce puffiness and congestion. Refining and tightening pores, balancing oil and healing blemishes, it creates a clear and refreshed complexion.
  • Whitening & Brightening:
    Prevents the accumulation of melanin, whitens dark spots, age spots,  pigmentation, freckles and brightens uneven skin tone, revealing natural radiance of your skin. 
  • Anti-Aging & Rejuvenating:
    Herbal extracts as as natural antioxidants to reduce the dryness of skin and helps in increasing the metabolic rate. This would prevent the skin from premature aging.
  • Moisturizing & Nourishing:
    Long-lasting hydration to improve resilience and firmness while providing softening and smoothing benefits.
  • Smooth Wrinkles & Fine Lines: 
    Activates the basal cells and natural collagen growth of the skin, which increases the elasticity of the skin. Visible result in 15 minutes with first application. 
  • Improves Elasticity & Firming:
    This will further prevent the skin from sagging, while increasing the elasticity of the skin, let your skin be firm, toned with natural radiance.

  • For All Skin Types, Face & Body Parts:
    Dermatologist Tested; no side effects, safe for all skin types. Especially suitable for all skin types and ideal for skin that’s congested, blemish prone, acneic, puffy, with over-active oil production and needing a truly deep cleanse.


  1. Wash your face and body with warm water and cover it with a hot towel to open the pores for better penetration of herbal extracts.
  2. Mix the powder with the essence in a small dish until paste is formed.
  3. Apply paste to clean face & body with fingertips or foundation brush. Let sit for up to 15 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.
  4. Follow up with toner and moisturizer. Use 1-3 times per week.
  5. You can also try mixing the clay with rose water or your favorite toner.


  • Weight: Powder Mask (2g) + Essence (7ml)


  • 1 x Herbal Detox Face & Body Mask