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HydroBeauty™ Nano Mist Spray

HydroBeauty™ Nano Mist Spray

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Keep your skin glowy all day!

Our HydroBeauty™ Nano Mist Spray with 30ml large water tank is a lifesaver for waking up tired, dried-out skin in need of instant hydration. Super fine and cool mist can also soothe and refresh the sunburned or sensitive skin area.

Adopt Ultrasonic Atomization Technology to create nano particles of water that are smaller than your pores - meaning the water can penetrate deeper into the skin for better skin care absorption

Simply refill it with your favorite moisturizer, toner, even mineral water or milk, then enjoy the deep moisturization by nano mist. 

The compact and lightweight design combined with it's rechargeable long lasting battery life make it the perfect portable handbag essential. It also features an auto shutdown function for super safe use.

  • Water Tank Capacity: 20ml (Basic), 30ml (Advanced)
  • Size: 14 x 3.5 cm
  • 1pc x HydroBeauty™ Nano Mist Spray