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InvisiScar™ Skin Perfecting Essence

InvisiScar™ Skin Perfecting Essence

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Restore that flawless skin naturally!

Our InvisiScar™ Skin Perfecting Essence helps repair scars, burns, stretch marks, surgical and burn scars, etc. without any painful surgeries or lasers. 

It repairs damaged skin and prevents keloid scar tissue from forming, as well as regenerating new skin cells for more normalized, smoother, softer skin.

Clinically shown to make noticeable improvement of diminishing scars appearance within 2-4 weeks

With a blend of plant-based, cell renewal ingredients like Lavender extract, this essence is 100% safe to use for renewing your skin.

The skin-nourishing complex helps deep hydrationboost collagen production and skin elasticity, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. 

1. After bath or shower, apply an adequate amount over the target areas.

2. Evenly apply and gently massage into the scar for 5-10 minutes until fully absorbed. 
3. Suggested usage daily at night.

Weight: 30ml

1pc x InvisiScar™ Skin Perfecting Essence