KissyLips™ Color Shifting Lipstick

KissyLips™ Color Shifting Lipstick

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Keep your lips moist & sexy all day!
Achieve gorgeously plump lips with our KissyLips™ Color Shifting Lipstick - a healthy and comfortable solution to solve your chapped lips anytime!

This temperature-reactive lippie changes color automatically while keeping your lips hydrated. The clear jelly formula magically leaves no stain on clothes, drinking glasses, etc. It glides on smoothly, super lightweight and non-sticky coat that ensures hassle-free application. Its waterproof and long-lasting feature helps you achieve and enjoy soft, rosy lips all day long. 

Specially formulated with carrot extract and all-natural ingredients - non-toxic, and safe for all skin types and everyday use, even for pregnant women.
Pucker up those lips and look fabulous as ever!

  • Weight: 3.8g
  • 1pc x KissyLips™ Color Shifting Lipstick