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Magic Growing Christmas Tree
Magic Growing Christmas Tree
Magic Growing Christmas Tree
Magic Growing Christmas Tree
Magic Growing Christmas Tree
Magic Growing Christmas Tree
Magic Growing Christmas Tree

Magic Growing Christmas Tree

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Let your kids witness magic unfold in the festive season!

Make your Christmas fun and enjoyable with this Magic Growing Christmas Tree! Add the magic liquid to the cardboard trunk and wait for the vibrant fluff crystals to grow! It has the ability to grow in just a few hours and be amazed when it does!

This is an exciting experiment that creates a fun Christmas decoration. You can make use of your creativity and imagination to add the beaded garland and star at the top for the finishing touches to your masterpiece


  • Automatically Increases In Size: 
    You won't believe your eyes! This is the ultimate science experiment for you and your kids. Within just hours, the tree will be covered with gorgeous colorful fluff and crystals!
  • Fun To Watch:
    It's incredibly simple, and yet incredibly engaging. You will want to watch it grow because you don't want to miss out on anything.
  • Perfect Christmas Decoration:
    Makes a great ornament for Christmas holiday, home, office, or anywhere you want. It will give you a light feeling and pleasurable ambiance of Christmas.
  • Educational Science Tool:
    This item will challenge your children's imagination and pique their curiosity about how it grows. Have a fun talk with your kids about science and more!
  • Easy Funny Magic:
    Fix the tree on the Plastic Container provided. Put your star or other decoration then add the magic water. In just a few hours, colorful crystals will begin to appear on the tree branches. Set this up on your desired area and simply feast your eyes on how it grows hour after hour!


  1. Put the paper tree on the plate.
  2. Separate the forks.
  3. Put the decoration items on the tree.
  4. Pour magic water on the tree.
  5. The paper tree slowly sprouts, and the flowers bloom on the tree 20 hours later.


  • Material: Paper, Chemical Reagents
  • Color: Green, Colorful, White
  • Size: 24 x 13 cm
  • Weight: 100g


  1. Divide the branches into trees.
  2. Decoration needs to be put in the early stage.
  3. Do not put in a place with ventilation or warm sunlight.
  4. Don’t move it often.
  5. It is a scientific experimental toy of physical principles.
  6. It is not recommended to plant this tree in rainy, foggy or humid weather.
  7. Suitable for ages above 3 years old.


  • 1pc x Magic Growing Christmas Tree