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Magnetic Menopause Soothing Bracelet

Magnetic Menopause Soothing Bracelet

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Alway depressed by the Menopause blue? We are here to help!

Our Magnetic Menopause Soothing Bracelet is clinically proven to relieve all menopause symptoms! This unique magnetic formula reduces hot flashes & night sweats, supports restful sleep, boosts energy, helps to manage daily stress, mood, irritability and menopause related anxiety.

Hot flashes are one common menopause symptom that can last for years. The symptoms include feeling warm suddenly throughout the day and evening. By wearing the bracelet, it can help relief your exhausting feelings and help you to calm yourself with a peaceful mind.

The menopause period will naturally decline your serotonin levels which can result in feelings of hunger and a less efficient metabolism. Our bracelet can help you to fight against this situation and work to maintain your weight during the period.

The negative Ion & Germanium improves metabolism and blood circulation promoting fast and healthy weight loss. It also reliefs your joint pain and can be used for sports joints aches, promotes relaxation, balance sleep.

Package Includes:
1pc x Magnetic Menopause Soothing Bracelet