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Menstrual Patch (5pcs)
Menstrual Patch (5pcs)
Menstrual Patch (5pcs)
Menstrual Patch (5pcs)
Menstrual Patch (5pcs)

Menstrual Patch (5pcs)

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Our Menstrual Patch provides you relief from cramps during those difficult days.
✅Soothing relief from menstrual cramp
✅Rapidly penetrates and ceases the pain 20 Mins
✅For fast, sustained and targeted pain relief up to 12 hours
Odourless, ultra-thin and discreet comfort. 
  • Promotes abdominal blood circulation
  • Relieves or mitigates the female menstrual pain
  • Air-activated heat patch generates heats up to 40°C.
  • Warms the belly
  • Directly affixed to the skin
  • No fragrance or medicinal ingredient is formulated.
  • Up to 12 hours relief


  • Tear open packaging (will gradually heat up within 10 minutes upon contact with air)
  • Peel and paste using either 1 of the 3 ways
  • For most heat, paste on the skin. Be cautious and do not use this method if you have sensitive skin
  • For moderate heat, paste on top of your underwear.
  • For least heat, paste on the underside of your shirt.
  • Remove the product every hour and let your skin rest. Change usage method or remove product immediately if it gets too hot!


  • Ingredients: Mugwort extract essence, Mugwort extract oil


  • 1 pack x Menstrual Patch (5pcs)