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Moody Hair Color
Moody Hair Color
Moody Hair Color
Moody Hair Color
Moody Hair Color

Moody Hair Color

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Temporary hair color that can be changed with temperature.

Moody Hair Color is heat activated hair color which will turn a different shade when heat is applied. Heat could be anything from what naturally comes off of your body, the sun, an iron, or a blow dryer!

When cool, the solvent keeps the dye in a solid state. When exposed to heat, the solvent softens and reveals another color.

Easy application, easy washout. Enjoy our range of pastel moods with no need for commitment.

Moody Hair Color is launching 4 changing colors; Blue to Purple, Black to White, Brown to Green, Red to Orange. They can be applied to natural hair but best results are achieved after pre-lightening.


  • Step 1: Shampoo hair and dry with a towel until it stops dripping. 
  • Step 2: Apply the mask to mid-lengths and ends and work through until all the hair is evenly covered from root to ends. Leave for 15 minutes before rinsing. For longer lasting and more intense color, leave for 30 minutes. 
  • Step 3: Using cooler water, rinse the hair thoroughly until the mask is out. The color will remain for 3-6 washes.


  • 1 pc x Moody Hair Color