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PartyFun™ Bouncing Ball Game

PartyFun™ Bouncing Ball Game

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Level Up Your Party Game Time!!

Christmas is right around the corner! Our PartyFun™ Bouncing Ball Game
 is an ultimate head-to-head competition game that you can play with everyone in your family!

Free to choose to play as a team or single player. Flip over a card to determine the pattern first. Then, race to recreate the pattern by bouncing balls into the grid as soon as possible! 

The first player who completes the pattern will get a card and the one who earns 3 cards first will be the winner! It will be an exciting and enjoyable competition!

Enjoy the board game together while relieving stress, boosting your hand-eye coordination and achieving better focus.

Perfect for all ages, the game will engage the kids for hours and energize the parties you will host this season! Also a perfect gift for your beloved ones.

Material: PVC

1 set x PartyFun™ Bouncing Ball Game