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Pet Dental Care Spray
Pet Dental Care Spray
Pet Dental Care Spray
Pet Dental Care Spray
Pet Dental Care Spray

Pet Dental Care Spray

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Can’t stand your pet’s stinky breath but no time for daily brush? 

Our Pet Dental Care Spray is the best product to freshen your pet’s bad breath as well as help prevents periodontal diseases without needing to brush.

Taking care of your pets’ dental heath with this painless, hassle-free home remedy, by just simply spray it on your dog’s mouth and eradicate stinky bad breath and remain kissing sweet in an instant!

Formulated with an all natural ingredients, guaranteed safe, gentle and effective results for both cats and dogs. 

Proven to reduce tartar and plaque buildup, and risks of suffering other oral disease. Improving dental health of your pets can even extending their lives up to 2-5 years.


  • Instant Breath Refreshing:
    The light, spearmint smell fights against bad breath odor of your pets and maintains all-day pleasing fresh breath scent

  • Over-all Oral Care:
    Eliminates germs and bacteria, reduces tartar, and controls plaque buildup for better dental health

  • Prevents Dental Diseases:
    Get rid of periodontal disease and gingivitis commonly suffered by pets with daily usage for a regular period

  • Non-Brush Cleaning:
    Easy-to-use pet spray for is the perfect preventative dental care solution for pets who hate having their teeth brushed while still keeping their teeth and gums healthy

  • Natural & Safe: 
    Hypoallergenic, easily digestible and non-toxic formulation makes it safe to use for all your pets daily; perfect for both dogs and cats 

  • Hassle-Free Remedy:
    Daily oral cleaning to maintain your pets' healthy dental hygiene without the hassle of using toothbrush, toothpaste or a time-consuming and expensive trip into the vet

  • Intimate Bonding: 
    Cuddle and kiss your pets without fearing bad breath; strengthens the bond between the two of you even more


  • Flavour: Spearmint
  • Net Capacity: 120ml
  • Weight: 210g
  • Shelf Life: 3 Years
  • Daily Usage:
    - Pets under 10 kg: 2-3 sprays
    - Pets in 10-30 kg: 3-4 sprays
    - Pets in 30-55 kg: 4-5 sprays
    - Pets over 55 kg: 5-6 sprays


  • 1pc x Pet Dental Care Spray


  • Shake well before use. Do not wash away after use.