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Press-On Cat Eye Glam Nails
Press-On Cat Eye Glam Nails
Press-On Cat Eye Glam Nails
Press-On Cat Eye Glam Nails
Press-On Cat Eye Glam Nails
Press-On Cat Eye Glam Nails
Press-On Cat Eye Glam Nails
Press-On Cat Eye Glam Nails

Press-On Cat Eye Glam Nails

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Just press on & go for the trendiest nails!
Our Press-On Fancy Gel Nail only takes minutes to apply! The nail patches mimic acrylic, salon gel nails with advanced technology that delivers durable strength with a glossy cat eye look
The easy-to-apply nails go on with unique cat eye patterns that are low profile yet elegant. Comes with chameleon, metallic colors with a cool touch, or silky ombre colors with sparkling effect, the cat eye nail patches can definitely match your styles. 

To wear simply prep, peel and press! With the ComfyHold™ technology of dual-layer adhesive for ultra comfort and up to 1 month wear, the chip resistant designs are waterproof, super thin and flexible for long-lasting use.

  • One-Press Application:
    Simply stick the nail tips with super hold dual-layer adhesive and press it to your real nails. No more messy glue or acrylic gel, the nails will stay perfectly.
  • Long-Lasting Finish:
    Compared with ordinary nail stamping polish, it can last for 1 month in perfect condition, giving you better nail stamping experience. Chip proof, smudge proof, no dry time! 
  • Natural-Looking Nails:
    The nail patches mimic acrylic, salon gel nails with advanced technology that delivers durable strength with a natural yet stunning look.  
  • Elegant Cat Eye Nails:
    Besides chameleon, metallic colors, it also comes with glittering or silky ombre cat eye nail designs to add a cool or sophisticated touch to your style. All up to you!
  • Removable & Reusable:
    Comes with a set of jelly glue stick for easy and safe removal, the nail tips can be reused up to 5 times when you apply it with glue again.
  • ComfyHold™ & Breathable:
    Unlike acrylic nails that make you feel stiff and uncomfortable, with the innovative ComfyHold™ technology, the stick-on tips are simply like the second skin on your nails and let your nails still keep breathable and healthy.

  • 100% Safe:
    No glue needed, safe on natural nails, easy removal!
  1. Clean nails with the wipe and gently file sides for best fit if needed.
  2. Apply the dual-layer adhesive to nail.
  3. Choose the nail tip you desire.
  4. Starting at cuticle press on & hold for 5 seconds.
  5. File to desired shape & length.
  6. You're good to go!

  1. Use the removal stick to remove the nail tip from the edge.
  2. Remove the residues left on the tip.
  3. Apply the dual-layer adhesive to reuse the tip.


  • 24 x Press-On Cat Eye Glam Nails
  • 24 x Jelly Gel Self-Adhesive Tapes
  • 1 x Nail File
  • 1 x Removal Stick
  • 1 x Cleaning Wipe