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PrincessN™ Holographic Nail Art Stencils

PrincessN™ Holographic Nail Art Stencils

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Feeling bored by your plain nail art?
Our PrincessN™ Holographic Nail Art Stencils is a set of art stencils which let you keep up with the on-trend manicure with unique and fashionable patterns, making you nails look glamorous and eye-catching!

This set of nail art stencils comes with various pattern for you to choose, including Moroccan, flowers, hearts, zigzag, stars, butterfly, snowflake, etc. These patterns are in excellent craftsmanship with intricate detailing to stick perfectly on your nails.

Embellish nails with elegant and fashionable designs easily even at the comfort of your cozy home. The size of vinyl nail stickers fits most nails, or can be trimmed to fit in-between sizes.

Made from high quality, 100% safe & non-toxic vinyl, these stencils can be used with regular polish, gel and airbrush for both manicure and pedicure.

Simply stick nail stencil design over dried polish, paint over sticker, peel off, add topcoat when dry, and you'll get crisp lines and professional looking nail design for your cute manicure. Try it on now!


  1. Apply base polish and let it dry completely.
  2. Pick off the nail stencil gently and put it on nails.
  3. Coating another color polish.
  4. Let it dry and remove the nail stencil.

6pcs/12pcs/24pcs of PrincessN™ Holographic Nail Art Stencils