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QuickToLick™ Funny Tongue Game

QuickToLick™ Funny Tongue Game

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Be a frog & have fun!

Our QuickToLick™ Funny Tongue Game is a quick-thinking game of speed, skill and accuracy that keeps everyone entertained for hours

Set up the cards, put on the frog mask and then blow out the "tongue" to target specific cards with bugs to knock over. You're racing against the other players, and the one who knocks over the most bugs wins.

Kids can learn about pests through the game, it also encourages number recognition, hand-eye coordination, and imaginative play.

Battle it out with your friends and family to lick as many insects as you can! This pest-eating game is for kids to adults. Great for social and family connections.

Made of premium BPA-free, non-toxic, child-safe materials and up to the top toy manufacturing standards. 


  1. Set up the two-sided cards on the stands in random order from 1-10.
  2. Put on the frog mask. 
  3. Flip over a number card to decide which target card to aim in the game.
  4. Blow through the tube in the mask to shoot the tongue to the target card!
  5. Battle it out with your friends to lick as many insects as you can! The highest score wins!


  • Material: BPA-free plastic
  • Size: Frog Mask(8cm x 14cm), Card(6.3cm x 4.5cm) 


  • 2 x Frog Mask
  • 10 x Stand-up Target
  • 10 x Game Card