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Rechargeable Heated Foot Warmer
Rechargeable Heated Foot Warmer
Rechargeable Heated Foot Warmer
Rechargeable Heated Foot Warmer
Rechargeable Heated Foot Warmer
Rechargeable Heated Foot Warmer

Rechargeable Heated Foot Warmer

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Always keep your feet warm in this chilly season!
Our  Rechargeable Heated Foot Warmer are electric insoles made with far infrared heating layer as an internal heat-source to provide your feet toasty warmth up to 50°C and stimulating blood circulation.

Operated by rechargeable 5V/2A power bank that work up to 9 hours, simply connect the insoles to the power bank to keep your feet warm during chilly winter nights and days. 

With HeatMax™ technology of super soft, shock-absorbing Infrared Carbon Fibre to keep the insoles warm and breathable that resists odors and moisture, the soft padded cushion also guarantees comfortable wearing.   

  • Far Infrared Heating Layer :
    Electric insoles with Internal heat-source to provide maximum warmth up to 50°C
  • Stimulate Blood Circulation :
    Combats cold feet in chilly winter nights and days, especially for those who suffered from arthritis foot, chronically cold feet and stiff joints

  • Rechargeable 5V Power Bank:
    Simply connect the insoles to the powerbank for heating up to 9 hours after full charge and provide long-lasting warmth 

  • Safest, High-tech Micro-wires :
    Prevents overheating or any possible safety hazard caused by forgetting to shut down 

  • HeatMax™ Infrared Carbon Fibre :
    Ergonomically crafted for you to enjoy heated warmth and soft comfort to get your feet protected

  • Soft & Shock-absorbing :
    Distributing pressure to relieve foot pain caused by flat feet, long-hour walking or standing, poor walking posture, etc. 

  • Breathable & Anti-Odor : 
    Wicks moisture away and prevents bad smell of feet

  • Soft Padded Cushion Support:
    Thorough support to forefoot, arch and heel & pressure reduction 

  • Trim to Fit:
    Fits all shoe sizes; just trim to fit your exact shoe size; preferable to use your existing shoe insole as a template

  • Versatile Use : 
    Great for winter outdoor sports, skiing , riding or indoor use at home, office, etc. 


    • Material :  Infrared Carbon Fibre
    • Shoe Sizes - M : 35-39 (Trimmable)
    • Shoe Sizes - L : 40-44 (Trimmable)
    • Color : Black
    • Remarks : 5V/2A Powerbank is not included. 


    • 1 pair x Rechargeable Heated Foot Warmer
    • 1 pc x USB Connector