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RustOff™ Metal Polish Spray

RustOff™ Metal Polish Spray

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Achieve a true mirror finish!

Our RustOff™ Metal Polish Spray helps remove rust effectively as it penetrates and dissolves oxidation and corrosion without damaging the surface.

With its quick penetration and lubrication action, it also lubricates to stop squeaks and creaky hinges from all kinds of machine parts.

The pH neutral formula is safe on clear coat and single stage paint. No after-effect or below-surface fallout. Also works great for removing grease, grime and other marks from surfaces. 
Formulated with corrosion-resistant ingredients, it leaves a protective coating to eliminate moisture and avoid future rusting.

Perfect for removing rust and stains on car wheels, rims, engines, handles, bike chain, door hinge, keyhole, and more.


Weight: 30ml, 100ml

1pc x RustOff™ Metal Polish Spray