SafeRide™ 360° Bike Reflectors

SafeRide™ 360° Bike Reflectors

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Protect you in the dark!

Our SafeRide™ 360° Bike Reflectors with micro-prismatic technology light up your wheels by
 reflecting the headlights of all vehicles around you, making you visible to avoid collisions.

With wide-angle, gap-free reflection, it reflects car headlights wherever they come from. Sideways, from behind or in front – simply from ANY direction!

The self-adhesive, pre-cut stickers are extremely easy to install with a flexible bending area. No cutting or tools needed. 

Designed with a waterproof film; no compromise on adhesion; ride through snow, rain, and puddles.

Stylish, sleek, razor-thin and weightless
. It is perfectly created to fit any standard spoke on road bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes and even mobility aids like wheelchairs.


  • Size: 4.5 x 6 cm


  • 4pcs x SafeRide™ 360° Bike Reflectors