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Self Adhesive Mirror Wall Tile
Self Adhesive Mirror Wall Tile
Self Adhesive Mirror Wall Tile
Self Adhesive Mirror Wall Tile
Self Adhesive Mirror Wall Tile

Self Adhesive Mirror Wall Tile

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Wanna decorate the boring walls at home with reflections?

Our Self Adhesive Mirror Wall Tile is not just an elegant decoration for your home interior design, but also a practical accessory to make your room appears airier and larger

This self-adhesive decorative mirror sticker is easy to stick on any flat surfaces you desire, including bedroom, living room, bathroom, dresser mirrors and other household furniture. 

Covered with a protective film to prevent the mirror surface from damaging or scratching when transforming. Simply peel off the film to reveal the visible and clear mirror during application. 


  • Decorative Mirror Wall Sticker:
    Flexible clear mirror to make your room looks larger and more spacious with elegant decoration
  • Safe and Lightweight:
    Same reflection effect as glass mirror but in no danger of breaking and causing injury; perfect for kids' rooms  

  • Premium and Durable:
    Made of PET material with smooth surface and top quality 
  • Easy to Use:
    Simply peel off the label at the back and the protective film in the front, and stick it on any flat surfaces; no glues needed
  • Strong and Self-Adhesive:
    Without easily falling off and no residues left behind after removal 
  • Multiple Use:
    Improving interior decoration and replacing glass mirrors in bedroom, living room, dressing room, kitchen, gym, office, etc. 
  • Parent-child Happiness: 
    DIY with your kids to beautify your home together and help them develop intelligence


  1. Find a position on wall where you want to apply the sticker
  2. Remove the label at the back of the sticker 
  3. Attach the sticker on the wall accordingly
  4. Remove the protective film in the front and clean the surface gently


  • Color: Silver mirror 
  • Material: Plastic 
  • Thickness: 0.2mm 
  • Size: 
    - 15 x 15 cm
    - 50 x 100 cm
    50 x 200 cm