ShakeNSlim™ EMS Heat-Trap Waist Trimmer

ShakeNSlim™ EMS Heat-Trap Waist Trimmer

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Shape, Slim & Sweat In One!

Triple your workout result with our ShakeNSlim™ EMS Heat-Trap Waist Trimmer! Specially designed to provide a natural stimulation of muscle building to make your body toned and strong
Adopting powerful EMS vibration and heat-trapping technology, the low-frequency pulse not only promotes blood circulation, but also enhances sweat rate and maximizes calories burning
Simply use the trimmer for 30 minutes per day, a visible result of the stunning, strong body shape will be seen within 2 weeks of consecutive use, speeding up healthy weight loss.
With multiple adjustable modes to choose from, it effectively exercises muscles and targets the flabby fat tissue for all body parts even in bed time
Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry anywhere. Designed with a flexible Velcro strap with scratch-proof and strong adhesive properties, it literally fits all body shapes


  • Size: 120 x 17.7 cm
  • Color: Black


  • 1pc x ShakeNSlim™ EMS Heat-Trap Waist Trimmer