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SilentNight™ Anti-Snoring Spray

SilentNight™ Anti-Snoring Spray

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No more snoring with just two spritzes!!

Our SilentNight™ Anti-Snoring Spray is a nasal spray medically proven to help eliminate the vibrations that cause snoring. Breathe better, sleep better and deeper!

Snoring happens internally where blocked airways prevent oxygen from passing through. This spray helps relieve congestion and helps reduce inflammation from the inside out. 

Formulated with botanical and mineral ingredients, it's 100% safe & non-toxic to the respiratory system and human body. 

Unlike most anti-snoring products that are inconvenient and uncomfortable, this spray is easy-to-use and effective. One spray in each nostril before bedtime and you can forget about annoying nose clips, cones, strips, vents, etc.

Besides relieving snoring, this gentle formula also helps soothe itchy, stuffy or runny nose. No more rhinitis and sneezes caused by allergy!
  • Weight: 20ml 
  • 1pc x SilentNight™ Anti-Snoring Spray