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SilkySkin™ Gentle Hair Remover

SilkySkin™ Gentle Hair Remover

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Get flawless hair-free skin!

Our SilkySkin™ Gentle Hair Remover helps you to get rid of unwanted body hair in a pain-free way in 5 minutes, which saves you from annoying shaving, tweezing, waxing or laser all the time.

Formulated with all-natural herbal extracts, it contains zero irritating ingredients but effective in melting hairs from the root with minimal skin irritation.

The purified plant extracts will naturally remove the nutrients from the hair follicle, slowing and inhibiting hair regrowth.

With its hypo-allergenic and hydrating depilatory formula, it is targeted to effectively eliminate hair on all body parts, as well as moisturizing your skin. 

Penetrates deeply to dissolve hair closer to the root than shaving. It lasts for a week with possible anti-hair growth results after 6 weeks when used as directed.

1. Clean and pat dry the area you wish to treat.

2. Spray enough amount which fully covers the hair and leave it for 5-7 minutes. ( Do not exceed 10 minutes)
3. Once the hair has fully softened, remove by wiping away with a clean towel.
4. Rinse off any residue with water and pat dry with a soft towel.
5. Enjoy silky-soft hair-free skin!

Weight: 60g

1pc x SilkySkin™ Gentle Hair Remover