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Skinergy™ Ageless Repair Serum

Skinergy™ Ageless Repair Serum

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Replenish your skin with a youthful look!!

Our Skinergy™ Ageless Repair Serum is dedicated to smooth the skin, and combat signs of ageing, including dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, resisting future damages

Formulated with a blend of potent actives and antioxidants, the super-charged formula works at a cellular level to plump, tighten and brighten the skin.

Boosting collagen and skin cells production, it also helps neutralize oxidative damage from everyday environmental exposure to decelerate signs of aging

Deeply moisturizes
the skin, the appearance of uneven pigmentation and skin tone is also lessened, as the serum helps to summon the look of dewy radiance

Lightweight and airy
, the serum absorbs fast to avoid any heavy, sticky build-up being left behind. Regain the skin elasticity and visible result after apply for 4 weeks.

Weight : 30ml

1pc x Skinergy™ Ageless Repair Serum