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SlimItUp™ Arms Firming Oil

SlimItUp™ Arms Firming Oil

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Lose flabby arms without workouts!

Without arm lift surgery and therapy, this SlimItUp™ Arms Firming Oil is all you need for your firmer, tightened and toned arms.

Formulated with a blend of valuable oriental herbal extracts, the oil is 100% safe and hormone free.

It is effective in combating flat, loose and bumpy dry skin, as a result it helps to remove cellulite and restore elasticity of your arms for a youthful look. 

Rich in anti-oxidants, the oil also works to dilute the melanin, accelerate fat synthesis on flabby and saggy arms with deep hydration.

Simply massage your arms with this essential oil, a visible result of toned and slim arm shape will be seen within 2 weeks of consecutive use. 
  1. Twice a day, take 5 drops of essential oil.
  2. Directly apply on arms.
  3. Massage for about 10 minutes.
  4. Let it stay until completely absorbed.
  • Weight: 30ml
  • 1pc x SlimItUp™ Arms Firming Oil